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New times, young times
The cynics might still want to pass all this off as mere coincidence. But the patriots obviously aren’t listening. And there’s reason not to. A spate of recent achievements by India’s generation next in different spheres has left the n...  | Read.. 
Food, inglorious food
Shanti just wanted to look good. The 15-year-old Jaipur student thought the best way to appear “sexy” was by losing ...  | Read.. 
‘See that Sanju doesn’t get mixed up with those silly boys again’
Twenty-six years after the death of Nargis and two years after that of Sunil Dutt, their daughters, Namrata and Priya ...  | Read.. 
Honeymoon travels, the prequel
Deepti Singh was dreading getting married. The Mumbai-based interior designer says she went weak at the thought of facing hun ...  | Read.. 
Butts and abs
celebrity circus
There’s a rumour going around that the RK banner’s next big hope, Ranbir Kapoor has been bold enough to drop his un ...  | Read.. 
Maid in Manhattan
America online
Heat and light
The homecoming
Tittle tattle
New times, young times
Father and sons
Paradise gained
Title tattle
‘Rejection made me determined to be a bowler’