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9 deaths as soldiers fire on protesters
Soldiers fired automatic weapons into a crowd of anti-government demonstrators today during clashes that killed at least nine persons, including a Japanese national, and injured 11 others, the government said. ...  | Read.. 
Egypt editor faces wrath of President
An Egyptian newspaper editor is to be tried by a security court for discussing the Presidentís health, a judicial source said today, the first time such a case will be h ...  | Read.. 
Price rise lit crisis spark
People in Myanmar were already living on the edge before the government doubled fuel prices, raising the cost of just about everything and shoving many over the precipice. ...  | Read.. 
Sandals left by fleeing protesters in Yangon on Thursday. (AP)
9 deaths as soldiers fire on protesters
General to become mister after polls
Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf today officially became a candidate for the October 6 presi..  | Read.. 
Scorsese plans film on Harrison
Filmmaker Martin Scorsese plans to direct an authorised documentary about George Harrison, the form..  | Read..