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Fan Club Hero Worship is hard work
Any Shah Rukh Khan first day, first show spells smashing of coconuts, dancing on the streets and raucous revelry for the SRK Fan Club, based in Kali Banerjee Lane in north Calcutta...  | Read.. 
SRK, all the way
KARAN JOHAR on his style statement and his fashion likes and dislikes. ...  | Read.. 
Neha-Sanjay truce
Acrimonious fallouts between directors and actors are not unheard of in Bollywood. In the push and pull, friends can become f ...  | Read.. 
The dancing girl
She plays younger sister to Rani Mukerji in Laaga Chunari Mein Daag; she matches steps with Madhuri Dixit in Aaja N ...  | Read.. 
More telly than tinsel
Director Swapan Ghoshal must have had a TV serial in mind while making the two-and-a-half-hour-long Bonobhumi, ...  | Read.. 
Our films, their films
Toh gao Om...
Its creating ripples across the Internet. Shah Rukhs rippling six packs that is. And not just SRKs newly-acquired abs, even the trailer ...  | Read.. 
Waiting to watch
Last week some lucky people at the Telluride Film Festival, Colorado, got to see the world premiere of Brick Lane. And ...  | Read.. 
Family ties
His portrayal of a helpless man caught between two women in Jeete Hain Jiske Liye had struck a chord but that did not ...  | Read.. 
Peer pulse
Six young people have embarked on a month-long mission to understand and identify the Indian youth and all that they hold d ...  | Read.. 
Not just about rock n roll
Calcutta Medical College (CMC)s annual fest Rhapsody 2007, in association with t2, saw medical students combinin ...  | Read.. 
Single, but...
Bengali babe in Bollywood Riya Sen was found chilling with her father and f...  | Read.. 
Fashion fusion
Since Monday the action has been on the tennis court. But a day ahead of th...  | Read.. 
Ramp rocker
The pop diva, Gwen Stefani, is on a mission to prove she is no one-hit-wond...  | Read.. 
Beyond lager
People are finally starting to talk seriously about the idea of opening up ...  | Read.. 
This girls a woman now
I think Im a nice girl, says singer Katie Melua, contemplating ...  | Read.. 
Instant karmas got him
He came, he sang, he conquered. Looking dapper as always, Euphoria frontman...  | Read.. 
Burn it up, with a bag
Wearing a dull outfit' No sweat! Just add an interesting bread-roll clutch bag! ...  | Read.. 
Eye catcherAs sex worker Dalia, Debashree Roy cosies up to Kunal Mitra, her paramour, at Bharat Lakshmi Studio. The two are shooting for Lal Ranger ...  | Read
Knowing Nisha