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Microwave & me
It was invented by chance when microwave rays melted a candy bar in the pocket of its inventor Dr Percy Spencer in the 1940s at Waltham, Massachusetts. It was initially dismissed as a gimmick that sought to “ruin the fine art of cooking”. T...  | Read.. 
‘I’m dying here’
Dog Day Afternoon ...  | Read.. 
To each his Owen
CLIVE OWEN’S latest film was directed by that master of moodiness, Wong Kar-wai, and lasts all of 20 seconds. In a comme ...  | Read.. 
In the act
Act of Almodovar
London is awash right now in stage shows adapted from movies — from musicals Billy Elliot and Dirty Dancing to ...  | Read.. 
In an inter-school contest where he played a blind old man. He was 15 then...  | Read.. 
Portrait of set as canvas
Raktogantha, a translation of Eugene ’Neill’s Mourning Becomes Electra (by Aarshi), premiering later ...  | Read.. 
From remake to original
Victoria No. 203 has bombed. Now director Ananth Mahadevan is back to what he did best — a small-budgeted musical thri ...  | Read.. 
‘I want to be a farmer’
Singer, actor, writer and film-maker Mahesh Manjrekar breezed through town recently for Zee Bangla’s Sareg ...  | Read.. 
50.7 kilos later
Five months ago, when Sandeep Sachdev stood in front of the mirror, he saw an ungainly shape weighing 124.9 kilos. But now as ...  | Read.. 
Hot hunks we welcome home
Rajeev was magnetic as the intense Sujal in Kahiin To Hoga winning millions ...  | Read.. 
Festive fit
I am 15 years old. My height is 176 cm and I weigh 68 kg. What should be my ideal weight' I want to lose ...  | Read.. 
Masked & anonymous
I was thinking the other day of the influence Anonymous has had on my life....  | Read.. 
Retail rollout
After introducing organised retail to Calcutta in its contemporary avatar a...  | Read.. 
Yogic healing
Vedas, the colossal database of knowledge in general and sciences in partic...  | Read.. 
The man who made Parineeta is back. This time, though, Pradeep Sarkar hasn’t chosen to make a period piece; he is dealing with small-town lives ...  | Read