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The Daughter also Rises
It was a gesture that was as unconventional as it was poignant. On the 10th day after the death of his son, Surendra Singh, Haryana strongman Bansi Lal placed a turban on Singh’s only child — daughter Shruti Choudhary. Traditionally, the turban,...  | Read.. 
Chak de, Women
Are you young, svelte, sporty — and a woman' You are wanted — not in the world of g ...  | Read.. 
The king and I
I’ve come to Jodhpur for several reasons. OK, so it’s a beautiful place to stop on my homeward-bound trajectory and ...  | Read.. 
The house that Mother built
An old, shrunken man lets out a bone-rattling cough. Others — emaciated, vacant-eyed — lie prostrate on their narrow beds. Ma ...  | Read.. 
Om run
Om Puri is no stranger to films on terrorism. After doing star turns in films such as Drohkaal and Maachis, he ...  | Read.. 
Two peas in a pod
celebrity circus
Blame it on their names. It’s not just the alphabet ‘S’ that’s similar. ‘S’ for Sanjay, Salman, ...  | Read.. 
Revenge of the undead Diana
Walk tall
Taxing times
Favouring fortune
Tittle tattle
The Daughter also Rises
World’s a stage
Strike one!
Cluck cluck
Croft and craft
‘I am a polygamous man. Maybe I’m still searching for love’