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Four tools to safer streets
- Subhas tables proposals to check mishap count

Citizens’ cry for safer streets — that has reached Writers’ Buildings through The Telegraph campaign — hit home on Thursday, with the state transport department submitting a list of proposals to police.

Transport minister Subhas Chakraborty convened a meeting with police commissioner Prasun Mukherjee and tabled some road rules to curb the accident count.

Metro takes a look at four major suggestions and runs a reality check:

PROPOSAL: Use of speed governors on public buses and lorries to check speeding.

Logic: “The speed governor will regulate the speed of a vehicle within the stipulated 30/40 kph. The driver cannot speed even if he wants to. The use of this device is permitted under the Central Motor Vehicles Act and some states have implemented this to curb speeding,” said a transport department official.

GROUND REALITY: Kerala had experimented with this last October, but a strike by private bus operators and lorry owners forced a rollback. The transport lobby claimed spending Rs 15,000-20,000 to install a speed governor was not feasible. Given the transport minister’s woeful track record in getting vehicles to switch to cleaner fuel, the speed governor looks a non-starter.


PROPOSAL: Around 300 volunteers be deployed at the 30 busiest intersections in the city during peak hours.

Logic: “Since the police are busy regulating vehicular traffic, the volunteers will monitor pedestrian movement. This will prevent jaywalking and make crossroads less chaotic,” said the official.

GROUND REALITY: Sporadic attempts have been made to manage traffic through volunteers — and most have ended up adding to the chaos.


PROPOSAL: Policemen and motor vehicles department inspectors to monitor tests for heavy vehicle licences.

Logic: “The selection process for bus drivers must be more stringent,” said the official.

GROUND REALITY: Corrupt cops and motor vehicles officials stand accused of encouraging licence loopholes. How will that be stopped'


PROPOSAL: A joint commissioner of police to oversee motor training schools.

Logic: “The motor training schools would become accountable,” said the official.

Ground reality: Top cops are struggling to keep the city going, how will they run training schools'

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