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Snakes on ropes
At first sight, pony-tailed Ryan Remedios easily passes off as a member of a local music band. This exuberant boy from Bandra in Mumbai does love music, particularly the rock and heavy metal kind, but his claim to fame comes from an altogether different field — the “brainy” world of scienc...  | Read.. 
Connecting to progress
He could silence sceptics who accuse academics of being disconnected from reality. With a laser-like focus on the rural poor worldwide, Tapan Parikh h ...  | Read.. 
Dentures’ deep roots
Despite daily brushing, George Washington lost all but one of his teeth by the time he became president. He went through at least six sets of dentures ...  | Read.. 
Technologically challenged
Scientists claim to have worked out why people in their late 40s and 50s have to get their children to load their iPods for them. The older you get th ...  | Read.. 
Snakes on ropes
Lab Report
Placenta power
Vitamin therapy for liver damage
Expand your C drive
Recently, I got into a serious problem. I could not Defrag my C drive as I had only about 1 per cent free space left. Defrag can only work when you have at least 15 per cent free space. ...  | Read.. 
How do I reduce my paunch'
Q: I have a paunch. How can I reduce it'...  | Read.. 
Why Corner
Why does a sliced apple turn brown'