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Blaze battle to save Olympia
Firefighters today battled to save ancient Olympia as Greece’s worst forest fires in decades ravaged hills around the historical site and the death toll rose to 56. ...  | Read.. 
Hope for stiff climate laws
The UN says momentum is building for tougher long-term action to fight global warming beyond the world body’s Kyoto Protocol, and a climate meeting starting in Vienna to ...  | Read.. 
After Indians, police face German fair fury
A mob smashed stalls and clashed with police at a town fair in eastern Germany, police said today, less than a week after eight Indians were attacked at another local festiva ...  | Read.. 
Bangla mayor gets 13 years
A court today sentenced the mayor of a northern Bangladeshi city to 13 years in prison for extortion, news report said, the latest conviction in an ongoing government campaig ...  | Read.. 
Tragedy hits Indian family
An Indo-Canadian family is mourning the deaths of six family members and friends killed by a pickup truck that ploughed through a crowd of revellers after a pre-wedding celeb ...  | Read.. 
Mark of a man in fight for respect
America’s biggest cultural battles normally rage around the notorious trinity of guns, gays and God. But where pressure groups debating abortion and the right to bea ...  | Read.. 
A thick pall of reddish smoke from a forest fire in Evia, some 50km from Athens, hangs over the Acropolis on Saturday. (AP)
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Bhutto keeps doors open for Sharif deal
Former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto has said if the much touted “deal” with Pre..  | Read.. 
Gyanendra loses more palaces
Nepal’s multi-party government today decided to nationalise five more palaces and eight fo..  | Read..