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A fragile balance
It is tempting to hope that the furore over the so-called 123 agreement will result in an examination and clarification of both India’s nuclear aims and Indian attitudes to the United States of America. But both sides are so mired in obfuscation on b...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Unequal games
Sir — The film, Chak De! India, brings to the fore the disgraceful manner in which hockey, o ...  | Read.. 
Montessori madness
Sir — In Vishnupriya Sengupta’s “Ways to catch them young” (Aug 14), La Martiniere for Girls is one ...  | Read.. 
Parting shot
Sir — In India, filmstars prefer to join politics once their popularity wanes. Naomi Campbell seems ...  | Read.. 
The Communist Party of India (Marxist) claims that it runs itself by the old Bolshevik doctrine of democratic centralism. The...| Read.. 
Rhythm in raindrops
On August 6, the birthday of the untimely-departed Roma Mondal, Roma Ramyabina put together a programme at Uttam Mancha, around the rhythmic versatility of Tagore, the compose...  | Read.. 
To mourn, heal and unite
Two brand new American productions flew in recently, depicting two disparate communities’ experiences in that land. The US consulate’s presentation,...  |Read.. 
Varied shades of freedom
It is difficult to sit in judgment of an exhibition built around the theme of “Freedom: What it means to me” (August 12-22), for one is not sure what the curator, Pranab Ranja...  | Read.. 
Million-dollar disappointment
I no longer bother to read bestsellers or books touted to have earned their authors advance royalties in millions of dollars ...  | Read.. 
For all the fruitful altruisms of Nature develop in an egotistical mode; human altruism which is not egoism is sterile, it is that of a writer who interrupts his work to receive a friend who is unhappy, to accept some public function or to write propaganda articles. — MARCEL PROUST