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Other travails
The literature on the Partition of India is driven by those who had to flee religious persecution, whether Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan or Muslims in India. In the Fifties and Sixties, the refugee experience resulted in a series of moving novels and ...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
A pleasant and comfortable day
Sir — Much as I dislike strikes and bandhs, I still feel like congratulating Citu for the st ...  | Read.. 
Freedom queries
Sir — Swapan Dasgupta, in his “What if India had not become independent” (Aug 15), has lamented the ...  | Read.. 
Sunanda K. Datta-Ray’s article, “The luck of the draw” (Aug 15), mentions Indira Gandhi failing her ...  | Read.. 
Can coyness be taught in the classroom' The Centre thinks it ought to be, as part of Adolescent Education. The ministry of hu...| Read.. 
In and out of the straitjacket
Unlike many other initiatives that fail to fulfil their vows to continue, Happenings determinedly held its second annual Rabindra Utsav, aided by the government of West Bengal...  | Read.. 
Inside the melting pot
To a probing eye, the marketplace is much more than a place of business. The Great Indian Bazaar, an exhibition of black-and-white photographs by Kushal G...  | Read.. 
True to the rhythm
O dissi Vision and Movement Centre, under the guidance of Sharmila Biswas, premiered their two new productions at Sisir Mancha on August 6 in the course of the government-spon...  | Read.. 
Decorative art...  | Read.. 
The ugliest of them all
We have beauty contests and pet exhibitions and we award the most beautiful women, dogs and cats. No one has yet bothered to ...  | Read.. 
The various languages you ought to have: one for your mother, which you will subsequently never speak again; one which you only read but never dare to write; one in which you pray but without understanding a single word; one in which you do arithmetic and to which all money matters belong; one in which you write (but no letters); one in which you travel, and in this you can also write your letters. — ELIAS CANETTI