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Life in the Metro
Ask a Metro commuter and he will tell you all about it. That if the Netaji Bhavan station smells of fish, then Park Street has its cosy recesses. But nothing to beat the wide range of passenger profiles. It is a tableau of all types of humanity. The ...  | Read.. 
He goes grunge
The golden streaks in his coloured hair gleam under the sun; his tanned skin has turned a rusty brown in the heat. In tight d ...  | Read.. 
Read it right
I have just spent a whole day reading Terry Pratchett’s Wintersmith, ensconced so deep in a bean bag that I neede ...  | Read.. 
Say no to a sedentary life
I am 21 years old, 5-ft-10 and weigh 53kg. I joined a gym two months ago and practise freehand exercises. ...  | Read.. 
Tony Blair and a lady passenger display impeccable Metro manners
Life in the Metro