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Kiss in school leads to expulsion

Malda, Aug. 16: A boy studying in Class X has been expelled for kissing a younger girl in the school corridor.

The boy, in his defence, said he had been egged on by the girl, who studies in Class IX.

The incident took place in Kendpukur High School in Habibpur on August 14. The decision by the school authorities has drawn flak from some guardians and teachers, who described the offence as minor.

The boy’s father, a tailor in a garment shop in the Kendpukur market, put the blame on the girl. “My son is not at fault; it was the girl who led him to it. The school authorities know about this perfectly well and yet they decided to expel my son,” said the father.

After being shown the door, the boy has become withdrawn. “It was not my fault,” he said. “I was walking down the corridor and happened to caste a glance at the girl who was standing there. She looked me in the eye and dared me to come closer and give her a kiss.

“Her taunt really angered me and without weighing the consequences, I went over and kissed her on the cheek. A lot of people saw me do it and there was a huge scene.”

The girl’s brother, who studies in the same class as the expelled boy, apparently came to know about the incident and beat him up.

“He rained blow after blow on me and I started bleeding from the nose and the gums. Some of my friends and a few teachers came to my rescue and took me to a doctor,” the boy said.

Later, the school authorities summoned the boy’s parents and told them not to send him to school any more.

The “victim” had her own version of the incident to offer. A little abashed at being asked what had happened, the girl said: “I had thrown the comment as a mere jest, but I did not realise that he would actually come over and kiss me. I was shocked.”

The girl said she did not complain to the school authorities because she felt that she too was to blame for the incident. She admitted that her brother had beat up the boy.

One of the teachers at the school said the incident was a trivial one. He added that the decision to expel the boy was taken by the assistant headmaster and a senior teacher.

“Both the boy and the girl are meritorious students but we are not going to allow the boy to rejoin class because he did something wrong and has to be punished for it. However, we will allow him to sit for the examinations,” said the headmaster of the school.

Heavy rain in Habibpur forced the school to remain shut today. Tomorrow, the boy’s parents and friends plan to come to the school in numbers to demand his reinstatement.

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