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Mattel India joins recall of tainted toys

Mumbai, Aug. 14: Batman is in deep trouble in India.

Toymaker Mattel Inc’s local outfit has announced a recall of one of its products in the Batman range even as the problems of its US parent boiled over today after it was forced to issue a fresh product withdrawal.

This time, it was for a range of die-cast cars under the brand name Sarge and a range of toys whose magnets can come loose and be swallowed by small children.

The reverberations over the string of product recalls, including items made in China using excessive lead in the painted toys, were felt in India as well with Mattel’s local outfit also announcing a limited recall of just over 2,000 units.

The toys which have been recalled in India are not in the die-cast range.

They include one product from the popular Batman range and two products from the Sesame Street range.

The Batman toy — J1943 Magnet Lok Batman Figures — has an element of risk because of the possibility that it may throw out small magnets which could be swallowed by children.

The toy, which retails for Rs 649, is a soft-bodied figure with plastic accessories.

Sanjay Luthra, managing director of MattelToys (India) Pvt. Ltd, said the recall would cover just over 2,000 pieces of this toy which have been sold since September last year.

Mattel officials added that four models in the J1943 range could also be affected.

These include: J1944 The Batman Magna Battle Armor Batman Figure, J5114 The Batman Magna Fight Armor Secret I.D. Batman Figure, J5115 The Batman Magna Fight Armor Flying Fox Batman Figure and J1946 Batman Magna Fight Armor Batman Figure.

The Fisher Price toys with a lead paint hazard that are being recalled in India include the 93308 Press & Go Racer - Cookie Monster and the 93199 Sesame Street Press & Go Racers assortment.

These are hard-bodied rev-and-go vehicles with Sesame Street characters that retail for Rs 399 each.

The company said approximately 200 pieces of the toy, which have been shipped into the market since 2007, would be recalled.

Mattel India said customers who have bought any of these products could email the details of the articles to

Mattel will get back to the customer within one working day and explain how to return the products for a full refund.

Earlier today, Mattel Inc announced the recall of 436,000 toys that had “impermissible levels of lead”. Thefresh recall comes less than two weeks after Mattel had recalled 1.5 million Chinese-made toys which were contaminated with excessive levels of lead paint.

If ingested, these toys can pose health hazards to children.

Mattel announced that it had voluntarily recalled onetoy from the vehicle line called Sarge, manufactured between May and July this year containing impermissible levels of lead.

The recalled toys include 253,000 in the US and 183,000 elsewhere.

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