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Oxen riddle

Berlin, Aug. 13 (Reuters): A man who paid 40 euro cents more than he expected for a call to a German television quiz show has filed fraud charges, police said today.

Having devised a formula to answer the question: “How much milk do 10 oxen produce in 10 minutes if five oxen produce five litres in five minutes'”, the man went to a pay phone and made what he thought would be a 50-cent call.

However, he was angered when the cost came to 90 cents, and even more incensed because the phone-in show said the question was actually a riddle with no answer.

“Don’t forget that an ox is a castrated bull,” said a spokesman for police in the western city of Muenster. The man did not see the funny side, and went to a police station at 3 am to file charges.

Drug choke

Podgorica, Montenegro (Reuters): A routine Montenegrin drug bust turned to high drama when one suspect almost choked to death while trying to eat the evidence, a plastic bag filled with heroin, and had to be rushed to hospital. The 26-year old tried to swallow the bag but it got stuck in his throat, and policemen drove him, gasping for breath, to the hospital.

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