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Pervez sure US will not launch air strikes
Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf today vigorously defended his government?s independence from Washington, and said he was ?200 per cent sure? the US would not launch unilateral strikes against terrorists in Pakistan. ...  | Read.. 
Taliban free 2 hostages
Two South Korean women held hostage by the Taliban for more than three weeks in Afghanistan were freed today and handed over to Korean officials in relatively good health. ...  | Read.. 
Fireworks as Castro turns 81
Fireworks exploded over Havana Bay and five Cuban agents imprisoned in the US sent greetings as ailing leader Fidel Castro turned 81 today, spending his second consecutive bi ...  | Read.. 
One in three workers suffers from ?email stress?
More than a third of workers are suffering from ?email stress? as they are swamped with messages, a study shows. ...  | Read.. 
Call to rebuild Berlin Wall
Politicians and artists urged Berlin?s authorities today to let them rebuild the longest surviving section of the Berlin Wall before it decays beyond recognition as a re ...  | Read.. 
Heathrow protests
Hundreds of climate demonstrators set up a tent camp next to London?s Heathrow airport today and threatened ?direct action? at the world?s busiest air hub ...  | Read.. 
A “mayotini”, which tastes like the Tequila-based cocktail Margarita but is made with mayonnaise, on display at the Mayonnaise Kitchen restaurant in Tokyo. (Reuters)
Oxen riddle
Drug choke
Teen sick after caffeine overdose
A 17-year-old was rushed to hospital after overdosing on espresso coffee while working in the f..  | Read.. 
Cecilia skips Bush date, French fume
Capricious, mercurial or just unlucky' The failure of France?s First Lady to show up to lunch ..  | Read..