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Hollywood has studios. Bollywood has camps. Perhaps a slight distortion of the accurate meaning of the word...  | Read.. 
While shooting for a fun song from One Two Three on the beaches of Pondicherry, Esha Deol got roasted in the sun. Her feet we ...  | Read.. 
Hands off, my hubby’s not on the Loos
Victoria Beckham sounds insecure when it comes to David Beckham’s popularity — off the pitch. It has been reported that ...  | Read.. 
Flamboyant 57
It was the most audacious hoax ever perpetrated on the publishing industry. In 1971, a little-known author named Clifford Irv ...  | Read.. 
Opening gaffes
Like many others the world over, I read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows soon after July 21, ...  | Read.. 
Magic potion
I’ve been interested in where the Worcestershire sauce originates from ever since I set foot on Indian soil. With ingredients like tamarind...  | Read.. 
Burning the bartop
Royal Mist Demigods 2007 showcasing Vikram Phadnis’s men’s collection ...  | Read.. 
Fitness first
What: Muay thai or Thai kick-boxing classes. Where: Gold’s Gym near Rabindra Sadan....  | Read.. 
Reel & ramp
Four shows in last season’s fashion weeks and two more coming up this season. Plus, so many film assignments. What do you think about your crossover from films to fashion' ...  | Read.. 
Moubani Sarkar flaunts an ornate sari from Niche. The design studio by Rachna Khemani and Anita Mittal has an ethno-chic range of kurtas, tunics, sari ...  | Read
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