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Truth, lies and power play
There is a creature you will find in almost every office ó the shirker, the person who can get away without doing any work. He was appointed because he is a friend of the bossís wife. But he continues to haunt the office despite the fact that t...  | Read.. 
How I Made It
Heís already made his mark. But Bhavesh Patel, managing director of Marck Biosciences, doesnít think he is extraord ...  | Read.. 
More than a fun day out
Corporate teambuilding is such an industry that itís hard to remember when getting sweaty wasnít a business obje ...  | Read.. 
Take a deep breath
Working at a desk can be more stressful for your body than you may think. Spending long periods in a chair can cause y ...  | Read.. 
Truth, lies and power play