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Shiva, destroyer of dinosaurs
For over a decade, Calcutta-educated palaeontologist Sankar Chatterjee has struggled to extract secrets submerged in the sea around Bombay High, India’s offshore oil field 160 km west of Mumbai....  | Read.. 
Kokum to the rescue
The fight against the deadly human immuno deficiency virus (HIV) is all set to get a desi flavour. Indian researchers have isolated a compound ...  | Read.. 
Itch gene discovered
Scratch no more. A remedy for that unpleasant itching sensation could be in the offing with researchers spotting the first ever gene responsible for i ...  | Read.. 
Shiva, destroyer of dinosaurs
Lab Report
Spot the bad nut
Pure water
Browsing with Safari
Safari is the Internet browser all Macheads swear by. It has recently been launched to lure Microsoft users away from Windows and Internet Explorer. Safari is also the browser that the newly launched Apple iPhone uses. Most third party applications f ...  | Read.. 
All is not lost
Snap out of it,” say friends and relatives if you are “feeling down” or “having the blues.” However, the person soon starts t ...  | Read..