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‘Prohibiting the use of agricultural land for industries is ultimately self-defeating’
Nobel laureate Amartya Sen speaks to Sambit Saha of The Telegraph on land acquisition for industrialisation, one of the most important issues facing Bengal and large parts of the country. ...  | Read.. 
Taste of hilsa in Dhaka talks
The flavour of Bangladeshi hilsa lingered over a bouquet of promises Jairam Ramesh today presented in Dhaka, the first of which related to testing facilities for the fish ...  | Read.. 
Potter piracy
Police have stumbled on a Rs 50-lakh racket involving the printing and distribution of pirated editions of international bestsellers, including J.K. Rowling’s Harry P ...  | Read.. 
13 unlucky' MLA prefers it
Simon Britto, a wheelchair-bound Kerala MLA, can’t exactly consider himself lucky in life but he refuses to harbour a superstitious dislike of No. 13 — at least until it ...  | Read.. 
SUVs: love and ruin of gangs
Gabbar may have preferred horses but today’s Chambal dacoits ride SUVs. ...  | Read.. 
Top cop cover plea
Techie held
Drug protest
Patent power
Grenades get Chambal’s last bandit king
Mayavati’s police this morning killed Chambal’s last star bandit who had backed the S..  | Read.. 
Nuke strategic sweetener
The nuclear deal reached with the US on Friday is expected to state that nothing in it will imp..  | Read.. 
PM balm for Bhairon
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh visited Bhairon Singh She ...  | Read.. 

Offer from US: a role in future fighters
The US has offered India a stake in the development of ...  | Read.. 

Haneef leak puts cops on backfoot
Mohammed Haneef’s lawyers have accused police of l ...  | Read.. 

Murder in Guwahati lounge bar
Blood flowed along with spirits in a Guwahati lounge ba ...  | Read.. 

For a change, CPM holds fire and waits
After raising concerns that India was giving in to the ...  | Read..