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Mosque revenge stink in Pak chain strikes
Forty people were killed in northwest Pakistan today in a surge of militant violence which officials said could be aimed at avenging the commando assault on a radical mosque in the capital last week. ...  | Read.. 
Taliban supporters abandon peace deal
Pro-Taliban militants in Pakistan’s restive North Waziristan tribal region today announced they were pulling out of a peace deal with the government, accusing authoritie ...  | Read.. 
Bangla poll
Bangladesh’s election commissioner said today the country’s stalled national vote could be held by the end of 2008. ...  | Read.. 
Laden breaks ‘good news’
Al Qaida leader Osama bin Laden praises martyrdom as a weapon and a path to glory for Muslims in a video that CNN yesterday said was intercepted before it was to appear on ra ...  | Read.. 
Nepal hunting reserve
Nepalese authorities have decided to open the only hunting reserve in the country after almost a decade of closure as the game population has increased. ...  | Read.. 
Korea nuclear offer
North Korea is ready to start disabling its nuclear programmes following the shutdown of its sole operating reactor, a North Korean diplomat said today, as long as Washington ...  | Read.. 
Women mourn at the site of the suicide bombing in Matta, a town in the Swat area of the North West Frontier Province, on Sunday. (AP)
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Revealed: Spy Olivier
On screen, he portrayed British military heroes such as Henry V, Lord Nelson and the Duke of We..  | Read.. 
Prince free album irks retailers
US rock star Prince today gave away his latest album free with a British tabloid to the fury of mus..  | Read.. 
A million each for abuse
Hundreds of people who claim they were abused by clergy aff ...  | Read..