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Wise men & autonomy beast
–es (Gk autonomia, fr. autonomos + -ia –y) 1: the quality or state of being independent, free and self-directing…. 4 biol: independence from the organism as a whole in the capacity of a part for growth…. — Webster’s Third New International Dictionary ...  | Read.. 
Rescue bid kills Ram
The mystery over whether P.C. Ram was alive in Ulfa custody ended last night when a rescue operation ended in the death of the kidnapped FCI executive. ...  | Read.. 
Where innocence is bought and sold
The writer continues her narrative of a visit to a red light area in Delhi and her research into the lives of young sex workers ...  | Read.. 
Death ends death drama
P.C. Ram died a second death last night, this time for real and at the hands of the very police team that was deputed to rescue him from the clutches of Ulfa militants. ...  | Read.. 
Gandhi won’t be VP
Governor turns down ‘informal soundings’
Governor Gopalkrishna Gandhi has cleared the air, or has he' ...  | Read.. 
Wise men & autonomy beast
I am honoured to have been thought of for the high office of Vice-President of India
Gopalkrishna Gandhi
Paved with china chips
Hundreds and thousands of small, irregular pieces of broken porcelain were once used to embellish ...  | Read..
Pervez terror broom
Braced for a backlash, the general returned to his favourite pulpit tonight to vow to crush  ...  | Read..
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