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I want to do my postgraduation in copywriting from a foreign university. Could you name some good institutes' I would also like to know about the eligibility, the approximate cost and the application procedure.

Riya Dasgupta
via e-mail

No well-known foreign university offers a postgraduate degree or even a diploma in copywriting. However, certain majors open doors in the creative department of advertising agencies. These include advertising, marketing, communications, English, journalism, liberal arts and media studies. A talent for creative writing along with a degree in any of the above fields would help. Doing an internship in the creative department of an advertising agency of repute and building up a good portfolio are also equally important. Well-known copywriters often suggest that a masters is not necessary for copywriting, and the two years would be better spent getting your career started. However, what you learn in a programme like an MBA or in degree courses in the above subjects might be useful.

I want to do a course in automobile engineering, preferably from Germany. Could you give me some information about universities that offer this course. Should I first complete my graduation in mechanical or industrial engineering and then do my postgraduation in automobile engineering'


Hamburg University of Applied Sciences offers an undergraduate course in automobile engineering through its department of automobile and aeronautical engineering. The programme is, however, conducted in German. Esslingen University of Applied Sciences offers an MSc/AE (automotive engineering) course in English.

It is better if you did your graduation in automobile engineering. If that is not possible for some reason, then choosing to do your graduation in mechanical engineering, IT/computer science, mechatronics and electrical engineering would be a good option. You can then do your postgraduation in automobile engineering.

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