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Beyond the silly season
There is something patently disingenuous about that section of the media which proclaims piously that this is the “dirtiest” presidential election in India’s history, and then proceeds to highlight its own “exclusive” story centred on the alleged mis...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Down with the fun
At a time when India is among the world leaders ...  | Read.. 
Costly mistake
Sir — “Error kills would-be doctor” (June 22) reveals how restlessness and impatience have become t ...  | Read.. 
The Maoists usually need no excuse to create mayhem, but they have provided one anyway. While burning down Biramdih station i...| Read.. 
There are circuits of violence in a society grounded on inequality. A young fruitseller, a policeman and a random crowd of or...| Read.. 
Sacred and profane
Let’s channel-surf. Breaking news continues to be the same old stale information about Pratibha Patil....  | Read.. 
I can trace my ancestry back to a protoplasmal primordial atomic globule. Consequently, my family pride is something inconceivable. I can’t help it. I was born sneering. — W.S. GILBERT
In a pretty how town
How language works By David Crystal, Penguin £15.75...  | Read.. 
Old wine in a new bottle
The Great Uprising: India, 1857 By Pramod K. Nayar,Penguin, Rs 250Read.. 
Giving it a different spin
Islam in the public sphere: Religious groups in India 1900-47 By Dietrich R...  | Read.. 
Of mice, mentors and managers
The title, The Case of the Bonsai Manager, at first blush, suggests ...  | Read.. 
By the rivers of blood
LAST DAYS IN BABYLON: The Story of the Jews of Baghdad By Marina Benjamin,...  | Read.. 

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