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Alibi for depleting stock
- Rats, big and small, get drunk on seized liquor in Patna police stations

Patna, June 20: In the merry-land of Bihar, fish and rodents are both sturdy and have catholic taste for food and drinks.

While records of a state corporation are said to have reported once that fish had swallowed electrical transformers during a devastating flood, police in the state capital today claimed that rodents are getting drunk on liquor seized by them.

Both alibis are apparently meant to explain the missing numbers and depleting stock, though red-faced officers claimed: “The situation is not so bad that we have to requisition the services of a ‘Pied Piper’ to drive the rodents into the river.”

Pouches of country liquor, they hinted, were consumed by the policemen themselves in some police stations.

But some of the officers heading police stations, of which there are 25 in the state capital, claimed that of late the forays by rats have gone up significantly and pouches of country liquor are damaged by them.

The rodents, however, have missed out on India Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) as seizure of IMFL is far more rare.

A rough police estimate suggests that around 3,000 pouches or bottles of mostly desi liquor, are seized in the state capital every month. A police headquarters source claimed the government gets an annual revenue of over Rs 1 crore from the sale of seized liquor in the state. Patna alone gives Rs-12-15 lakh revenue to the government.

There are two types of rats, quipped a DIG, and the bigger ones don the police uniform. Revenue collection would certainly surge if both are kept away from the seized liquor, he added with his tongue in cheek.

The bigger rats pose the graver threat, he added on a more serious note.

Senior superintendent of police Kundan Krishnan told The Telegraph : “Rats are not uncommon at police stations. They do sometimes nibble at pouches and cut through caps of liquor bottles.”

“But I am not an alcohol expert to say rats are getting drunk and behaving in a deviant manner as reported by an international news agency”.

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