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It works!
Those who must hit the low-carb, high-fat diets to trim the bulging waistline may take heart. Finally, science has proof to show how such slimming diets, such as Atkinsís formula, work ó at least in mice and monkeys. ...  | Read.. 
After us, the deluge
Imagine the City of Joy submerged in water. Donít scoff ó for environmentalists are seriously concerned. Calcutta submerged under the sea may now ...  | Read.. 
Explaining black holes
Probably no other topic in astrophysics has caught the popular imagination as has the concept of a black hole. Hundreds of articles, books and science ...  | Read.. 
Soaking in the sun
Sun-tanned skin may be in vogue now, but for thousands of years it was a thing to be avoided. The wealthy in many northern countries went to great len ...  | Read.. 
It works!
Lab Report
Fish oil vs breast cancer
Friendly fungus
Protect your broadband account
There is a lucrative trade prevalent on the Internet these days. People are offering up to 10 Dataone usernames and passwords for a premium Rapidshare account. Rapidshare is a site where users post pirated movies, games, TV shows and software that ca ...  | Read.. 
Beating those bugs
Lice infestation is universal. Head lice have co-existed with humans for two thousand years. They have been observed in the sarcophagus of well-preser ...  | Read.. 
Why Corner
Why is Friday the 13th considered unlucky'