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Patil but Pratibha
A Patil handpicked by Sonia Gandhi is set to become the next President but the occupant of the highest ceremonial office in the country will not answer to the first name Shivraj. ...  | Read.. 
Gulistan lost and found in part
Bajrangi Singh had not imagined that a mere book could fetch Rs 50 lakh. But as he stepped into a hotel room late last night for receiving the advance, policemen in plainclot ...  | Read.. 
Mittal nod to Chiriya mine
“We are game to Chiriya,” said Mittal Steel Jharkhand CEO Sanak Misra while leaving for Delhi today. ...  | Read.. 
Trip down the primrose path
The writer recounts how she felt when she met sex workers in Vrindavan and Delhi, while carrying out research for a book ...  | Read.. 
Killings probe on last lap
The Justice K.N. Saikia Commission will not require a fifth extension to complete its inquiry into the “secret killings” in Assam between 1998 and 2001. ...  | Read.. 
Once-in-a-while blue moon
The phenomenon that enriched English is on its way back
This June 30 night, brace yourself for a once-in-a-blue-moon experience. Step out of home and stare hard at the shiny disc in the sky. ...  | Read.. 
Pratibha Patil with Manmohan Singh. File picture
It’s not always the best man who wins. It’s sometimes the woman
Karan Singh
Who’s afraid of books
Books are the soul of a library. But these are not good times for books. Nobody has any time for the ...  | Read..
Double hole in Q dossier
The CBI’s case for Ottavio Quattrocchi’s extradition from Argentina was riddled with ...  | Read..
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