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Small state, big stakes
Goa’s Raj Bhavan commands one of the loveliest views in the country. It is surrounded by water on all sides — the estuary of the Zuari river on one side, the estuary of the Mandovi river on a second, the Arabian Sea on the third. The hillside on whic...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Skewed development
Sir — A rising gross domestic product is always welcome (“India advances”, June 4). However, India’ ...  | Read.. 
Big brother
Sir — China is not really interested in Arunachal Pradesh or in Bara Hoti near the Uttarakhand bord ...  | Read.. 
There are some firsts that are screaming advertisements of failure. When West Bengal does manage to get a first in the countr...| Read.. 
On a slow road
I am in a bad mood; and I have good reasons to be in one. I had to spend six hours on National Highway 1. It is ironic that, ...  | Read.. 
In stirring colours
In the context of the first, the name that comes to mind is Siraj Saxena. His three vertical canvases experiment with beguiling configurations in applying the paint — in this...  | Read.. 
Bones minus the flesh
Why would anyone want to compress Ibsen’s masterpieces into ninety minutes...  | Read.. 
Traditions and individual talent
A revisiting and a revival of traditions: this seemed to be the presiding theme of two successive exhibitions at Gallery Kanishka’s. Bhaskar Mukherjee’s Rooted in Realism...  | Read.. 
It’s our own mediocrity that makes us let go of love, makes us renounce it. True Love doesn’t know the meaning of renunciation, is not even aware of that problem, never resigns itself; resignation is for beaten people, as beaten paths are for beaten men. — EUGENE IONESCO