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Big state, bigger loss
The victory of the Bahujan Samaj Party in the Uttar Pradesh assembly election has served as an outlet for the pent-up angst of the radical Brahmin intelligentsia. Mayavati’s success in winning a clear majority in a politically fragmented state...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Tables turned
Sir — Mayavati’s victory in the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections is simply incredible (“Triumph the ...  | Read.. 
If the right people cannot do their job, the courts must do it. This assumption has become so commonplace that even a complai...| Read.. 
From steel to spirits, Indian companies are confident enough to acquire international firms. The year began with the news of ...| Read.. 
Jointly spoiling the show
It both sounds and appears incredulous. In a coalition government, where the partners share the common goal of delivering the...  | Read.. 
The difficulty with humorists is that they will mix what they believe with what they don’t; whichever seems likelier to win an effect. — JOHN UPDIKE
The red carpet
Made for Each Other: Fashion and the Academy Awards By Bronwyn Cosgrave, <...  | Read.. 
Want to be one of them'
Woman on Top: How to Get Ahead at Work By Seema Goswami, Random House,...  | Read.. 
For a scholar of repute
Take four relatively new books published late in 2006 or early in 2007: Ama...  | Read.. 
An outsider’s inside view
INHALING THE MAHATMA By Christopher Kremmer, HarperCollins, Rs 495...  | Read.. 
Alternative spaces
COLONIALISM, CULTURE AND RESISTANCE By K.N. Panikkar, Oxford, Rs 595 <...  | Read.. 

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