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Loveless triangle
- Three tales of romance gone sour

Calcutta, May 16: For lovers in the state, it has been a bad start to the week.

On Sunday in Serampore town, Shampa Dutta, a sales executive with a mobile firm, poured boiling oil on colleague Pradip Kumar Dey for ending their three-year relationship.

On Monday, a 19-year-old girl came all the way from Bhadreswar, Hooghly, to Howrah station to elope with her boyfriend only to be stood up and then get detained by police.

Tuesday threw up tragedy when, around 9.45 pm in Calcutta’s Santoshpur, Joydeb Das hanged himself after catching his ex-girlfriend on the pillion of another man’s motorbike.

The 22-year-old BCom student was strolling near Ruby hospital with friends in the afternoon when the bike stopped at a signal yards from them.

“He couldn’t bear the sight. He asked the girl why she was so indifferent towards him when he loved her so much. She turned her face away and rode off,” Joydeb’s friend Saurav said. “Joydeb and the girl lived in the same neighbourhood and had split a few weeks ago after dating for six years.”

The young man went to the girl’s home around 8 pm, but all his pleadings were rebuffed.

Back home in Green Avenue, he locked himself in his room sometime after 9 and turned up the volume of music on his computer.

“When he didn’t respond after several knocks, I raised the alarm. His friends rushed in and broke the door down. I never thought he would leave us like this,” Joydeb’s mother Rina wept.

Pradip of Serampore is fighting 65 per cent burns because, he says, he wouldn’t agree to leave his parents.

“She said I must leave home after marriage, so I broke off the relationship. Later, when my parents chose another girl for me, I agreed,” the 28-year-old said at Medical College Hospital, Calcutta.

On Sunday, he was to visit the would-be bride’s home when Shampa sent him a series of missed calls. “I decided to be polite and meet her. I reached her place, next doors from ours, around 4 pm,” the Nehrunagar Colony resident said.

Shampa, 22, has been sent to 14 days’ judicial custody. Her mother Mayarani, who has got bail, claimed it was an accident. “My daughter was preparing luchi when the karai toppled off the stove and fell on Pradip.”

Pradip may need three months of supervision, a doctor said. “His right leg, left side of the face, upper back and hands are badly burnt.”

Mou Bagchi’s (name changed) scars were evident, too, as she refused to return home after the pain and humiliation of a futile three-hour wait at Howrah station for her boyfriend of one year, the police said.

The “well-dressed” Class XII student decided to spend the night with relatives at Nagerbazar, said Siddhartha Chatterjee, sub-inspector with New Market police station. “But she couldn’t find the place.”

She took another bus and landed up at Esplanade, the chaotic heart of an unfamiliar metropolis.

“She began looking for a hotel but couldn’t find one. Around 11 at night, a police patrol spotted her sitting beside a shop in Chowringhee. She wouldn’t explain anything and just stared blankly, so they brought her to the police station,” Chatterjee said.

Mou broke down after half an hour’s questioning. “The boyfriend is a 23-year-old from Baidyabati. They had met a year ago,” Chatterjee said.

“Her parents are against the relationship. Mou kept saying, ‘I won’t go home; I can’t face my father’.”

After a whole night of counselling by policewomen, the girl agreed to return home and gave her address in the morning. “Her father is a manager with a big company. He took her away a few hours later,” Chatterjee said.

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