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Toru Dutt had the advantage of the Christian church and her parents, who supported her brief though impressive literary career. Even then, in those early days, she feared ostracism, and was wary of venturing out of her home, despite riding in a curta...  | Read.. 
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Sir — Politicians belong to an intellectual plane that is quite the opposite of the one inhabited b ...  | Read.. 
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Sir — The attention being paid to Haseena Nasreen by the media has started to get on one’s nerves ( ...  | Read.. 
It is a gross injustice to say that the police in India are not prompt. They whipped into action the moment a complainant led...| Read.. 
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Anarchists who love God always fall for Spinoza because he tells them that God doesn’t love them. This is just what they need. A poke in the eye. To a real anarchist a poke in the eye is better than a bunch of flowers. It makes them see stars. — JOYCE CARY