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Nandigram’s live bombs
Pistol in one hand and cellphone in the other, Rabiul Hasan sits under a tree in Khejuri, barking orders to one of his lieutenants. ...  | Read.. 
Industry jitters over Tata land prices
Villagers of Tontoposi have set the cat among the pigeons. ...  | Read.. 
U-waste heat raises a stink
Uranium Corporation of India Ltd (UCIL) chairman R. Gupta finds himself in the eye of a storm after allegedly “scoffing” at the concept of public hearing and “ ...  | Read.. 
Success in sails, eye on peak
At just 21, Pravasini Dwibedy is riding high on a wave of success. ...  | Read.. 
CM prod for power plan
Chief minister Naveen Patnaik has sought within a week a vision paper from the private distribution companies and the state-owned Gridco on the essentials to ensure an uninte ...  | Read.. 
Maid hand in woman death
Rekha Dutta, a widow living on her own in an upscale Dispur apartment, was found murdered early this morning. The prime suspect — her deaf and dumb domestic help, all of 20, ...  | Read.. 
Safe House beckons Manmohan
RS poll date announced, stage set for a first by a Prime Minister
Manmohan Singh is expected to become the first Prime Minister of the country to seek re-election to the Rajya Sabha, which will ensure his continuance in office. ...  | Read.. 
Nandigram’s live bombs
It’s do-or-die
Rabiul Hasan
a CPM supporter in Khejuri
Maidan cricket turf clash kills boy
Cricket hooliganism claimed a second life in two weeks when a 16-year-old city schoolboy was hi ...  | Read..
Gujarat’s burning secret out
Kauser Bano has been killed and her body burnt, the Gujarat government is believed to have told ...  | Read..
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