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Hour of the comprador
A number of English dictionaries still refuse to recognize the word. They are fighting a losing battle. It has respectable Latin roots. The verb, comparatorem, originally meant ‘to compare’. After an interval of time, it came to mean ‘to purc...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Turbulent times
Sir — It is strange that on the one hand, a Bangladeshi court called Sheikh Hasina Wajed an “absco ...  | Read.. 
Wedded many times over
Sir — Politicians have often been accused of flouting the law of the land. Therefore, the revelatio ...  | Read.. 
Towering ugliness
Sir — I live in a nine-storeyed building on Alipore Park Road. The area between this and Burdwan Ro ...  | Read.. 
One of the issues that have stalked modern astronomers is the quest of a planet that might contain life. The search for such ...| Read.. 
Perhaps Presidency College should blame its own distinguished history for the West Bengal government’s reluctance to grant it...| Read.. 
Rotten to the core
Reading about south Asian politics leaves one feeling a trifle sick. The countries in this region were once home to a vibrant...  | Read.. 
All the nice people were poor; at least that was a general axiom, the best of the rich being poor in spirit. — MURIEL SPARK
The company of gentlemen and communists
A Prattler’s Tale: Bengal, Marxism, Governance, By Ashok Mitra, Samy...  | Read.. 
Those days in the sun
THE GOLDEN AGE (Cassell, £30) by Duncan Steer ...  | Read.. 
Lord of war who loved peace
Stalin’s Wars: From World War to Cold War, 1939-53 By Geoffrey Roberts, Read.. 
Life begins in sixth form
The History Boys, when it was first performed in the National Theatr...  | Read.. 

Ruth among the alien corns