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There is this story about the early days of market research (MR) in India. It seems that one of the fledgling MR outfits was asked to do a poll survey. The agency decided to station its field personnel at a prominent street corner in Calcutta and pol...  | Read.. 
Negotiating a minefield
When you’ve worked so hard to get that first job after university, the last thing you want is to screw it up. Sad ...  | Read.. 
Show them what you’ve got
Sometimes — say, during the dot-com era of a decade ago — all a job seeker needed was a simple, one-size-fits-all résumé to n ...  | Read.. 
The maverick
For most executives on the way up, the single most important type of management is career management. Yet most of us have no ...  | Read.. 
Working with disabilities
When Donna Flagg was growing up in suburban New Jersey, she struggled through reading and math in school. It was not until sh ...  | Read.. 
How I Made It
There was no real reason for Atin Kulkarni to opt for Kolhapur ’s SPMBH College of Architecture. But this decision would ...  | Read..