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Taking a cue from monkeys
In the genetic material of rhesus macaque monkeys of Indian origin, Cornell biologist Carlos Bustamante has discovered signals of a cataclysmic macaque population decline in the sub-continent tens of thousands of years ago....  | Read.. 
The heat is on
The verdict is out and itís loud and clear: itís pay back time, folks, for all the injuries we have inflicted on Mother Nature. Nature has h ...  | Read.. 
Taking a cue from monkeys
Lab Report
Microbes for cleaning
E-nose for tea
The BlackBerry phenomenon
Last week when BlackBerryís service went down for several hours in the US, over five million people were struck by a curious malaise. The symptoms ranged from feelings of isolation and rage to severe longing, something very similar to drugs with ...  | Read.. 
Cold comfort
Mohan Mehta, 74, lies in his hospital bed, despondent and listless. He has a tumour in his kidney but he canít be operated upon. Thanks to his ad ...  | Read.. 
Go for soya milk
Q: My daughter has been diagnosed to have milk allergy. She gets terrible abdominal pain and diarrhoea when she drinks milk. What should we do'...  | Read.. 
Why Corner
Why do we experience Déjà vu'