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Father throws 4-yr-old into river
- Hunger for tantrik powers motivates man

Dhubri, April 21: Aniruddha Roy had been acting unnaturally for the past month. But when he left home with his four-year-old son for a walk at 7 this morning, no one even suspected that he was on a mission to “finish” the child, convinced that the act would earn him supernatural powers.

Though a fisherman helped little Dipankar out of the water soon after his father hurled him into the Brahmaputra from Jogomaya Ghat, his mother and uncle got wind of it only after Aniruddha returned home an hour-and-a-half later, alone and in a disoriented frame of mind.

On being prodded by wife Anjana, Aniruddha, who works as a cook at Dhubri Chest Hospital, revealed that he had “finished the boy”.

“On hearing the word ‘finished’, we asked where Dipankar was, but he refused to divulge anything. However, he took us to Jogomaya Ghat as though in a trance,” recounted Anjana’s brother Khagen Roy, who has been staying with his sister for the past month to safeguard her and the child from Aniruddha’s alleged unnatural practices.

When a hysterical Anjana rushed out onto the streets looking for her “drowned son”, hundreds of residents, led by Hind Yuvak Sangh secretary Parshuram Dubey, began a search for the boy.

“We reached Jogomaya Ghat and found Dipankar, took him from the fisherman and handed him over to his mother. We should thank God that the boy was saved,” Dubey said.

Residents of the area beat up Aniruddha before he was arrested by the police. An FIR has been filed by Anjana against her husband at Dhubri police station.

Family members said Aniruddha had of late taken to black magic in the name of worshipping goddess Kali. “He had sacrificed a number of animals, including goats and cats, to attain powers. One night, he even set his bed on fire,” one of them said.

They suspect some tantrik was behind these practices. “He used to go out at night and not return till the following evening. We suspect he is under the influence of some sadhu who orders him to perform these unnatural acts,” Anjana said.

Dipankar, sitting on his mother’s lap, described how the nauwala (boatman) jumped into the water and rescued him. Sources said Aniruddha had made several attempts earlier to sacrifice his son in order to attain supernatural powers.

Dhubri hospital authorities have instituted an inquiry into the incident and informed Dispur about it.

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