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Politics of entitlement
From all accounts, the ongoing assembly poll in India’s largest state is not going to be remembered as a landmark election. There will be the usual quota of gainers and losers, but even if a government does ultimately emerge after May 11, the result...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Have stick, will hit
Sir — Insanity born out of religious intolerance once again reared its ugly head in the vandalism c ...  | Read.. 
Danger round the bend
Sir — The report, “Army dash for foreign minister” (April 9), provides a description of the injury ...  | Read.. 
Exceptions have become the rule in West Bengal. It is not for the judiciary to look after the proper running of public utilit...| Read.. 
The Virginia Tech killer owned two legally-purchased guns. The state he studied in is one of the easiest places in the United...| Read.. 
The Rule of the Brown Sahib
We have become a country of extremes. Extreme actions, extreme reactions, extreme positions and general hysteria. With a burg...  | Read.. 
Everybody hates house-agents because they have everybody at a disadvantage. All other callings have a certain amount of give and take; the house-agent simply takes. — H.G. WELLS
In the beginning was a dot
First came the bindu — a black hole from which emerged...  | Read.. 
Where the mirrors do not open out windows
The Indians: Portrait of a People By Sudhir Kakar and Katharina Kakar <...  | Read.. 
Foot in the mouth
RIO: MY STORY By Rio Ferdinand with Shaun Custis, Headline, £6...  | Read.. 

Across an unmapped land
Just how the Right to Information Act translates into action and how long i...  | Read.. 

Deliverance through verses