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Scanning the past
One of the ‘side effects’, so to say, of the email-and-SMS age is the decline in snail mail or letter-writing in urban areas. What’s more, not many keep a record of what has been written — the delete key is used all too often, by both the writer and ...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
On a sinking boat
Sir — I have been supporting Mohun Bagan since 1947, when I was nine. I left the country in 1964 bu ...  | Read.. 
Change of heart
Sir — The reports “Umar or Umesh, all’s unfair in love” (April 12) and “Mixed marriage row” (April ...  | Read.. 
Parting shot
Sir — I would like to raise a few points about Ashok Mitra’s article on Kashmir (“ Perceptions in ...  | Read.. 
If it is religion’s job to make people feel guilty, then genetics was invented to provide the excuses. What would human being...| Read.. 
Money come lately
Chocolate and gold
The louder the better
Not at home
What ails the sadhvi'
Gabbar and Basanti in class
It is our business, as readers of literature, to know what we like. It is our business as Christians, as well as readers of literature, to know what we ought to like. It is our business as honest men not to assume that what we like is what we ought to like. — T.S. ELIOT