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Wheeling ahead
Engineer Subramaniam Sairaman is a concerned man these days. His firm, MTAB Automation, sells advanced technology products and is readying to market yet another product — an intelligent wheelchair. Sairaman is not worried about the quality of the wheelchair — he is just unsure if the Indian market i...  | Read.. 
Raring to reach out
If you look at the history of science, you would find that it is replete with names of great amateurs. Think of Gregor Mendel, C.V. Raman, Michael Far ...  | Read.. 
IUDs, the pill... and now bathua
Bathua, an ordinary backyard weed, may soon be much in demand if a team of researchers from the Indian Institute of Chemical Biology (IICB), Calcutta, ...  | Read.. 
Jon Pearlman (left) demonstrates the wheelchair the Pittsburgh team is designing (Pic: Ramakant Kushawaha)
Wheeling ahead
Lab Report
Useful waste
Cooking makes spice not nice
The unconquered enemy
We humans think of ourselves as intelligent and rational. We have successfully evolved, subdued the lower animal species and conquered the world. We c ...  | Read.. 
Heavens in the grip of science
The Copernican Revolution established the fact that planets revolve around the sun. But the orbits of the planets were still believed to be circular since even Copernicus thought that the circle is a “perfect” curve. Two astronomers, Tycho B ...  | Read.. 
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Why do bubbles stick to each other'