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The taint of privilege
It has been a busy month in the British parliament, climaxing in this week’s budget, the 11th and last, we assume, of Gordon Brown’s chancellorship of the exchequer. His 2p cut in the basic rate of income tax is the sort of populist measure usually t...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Beat a retreat
Sir — Justice A.R. Lakshmanan’s reaction to the letter that allegedly sullied his reputation is ine ...  | Read.. 
With an iron hand
Sir — In the article, “A babe in the woods” (March 21), K.P. Nayar appears to be concerned with the ...  | Read.. 
The snide aerial attack of the Tamil rebel tigers on a Sri Lankan airbase close to Colombo has added insult to injury. The go...| Read.. 
Why was Shakira rather a non-event in Mumbai' She came, she swayed, but she did not exactly conquer. Perhaps what she has fin...| Read.. 
For A Fresh Start
Political parties in Bangladesh could not have imagined that things would turn out the way they have. Both the Bangladesh Nat...  | Read.. 
Propaganda is that branch of the art of lying which consists in nearly deceiving your friends without quite deceiving your enemies. — F. M. CORNFORD