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Ban escapes Baghdad rocket raid
UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon was left shaken but unhurt today on his first visit to Baghdad after a Katyusha rocket landed just metres from a building where he was giving a news conference. ...  | Read.. 
Hillary using Bill as campaign weapon
Hillary Clinton’s formidable campaign machine is cranking into a higher gear, grinding down opponents over Iraq and vacuuming up unprecedented amounts of money. ...  | Read.. 
Pak tests nuclear missile
Pakistan successfully tested today a nuclear-capable cruise missile with a range of 700 km, the military said. ...  | Read.. 
Harvard to hike tuition fees
Harvard University’s undergraduate tuition fees will rise 3.9 per cent next year to $31,456, increasing at a pace nearly double that of the US rate of inflation, a Harva ...  | Read.. 
College alert to India
India, which supplies a rising number of prestigious IIT graduates and other engineers to the US and global markets, is playing politics with its education and compromisi ...  | Read.. 
Labradors Lucky and Flo sit next to a shipment of pirated DVDs at the main air cargo complex in Sepang, Malaysia, on Tuesday. Movie pirates have put a ...  | Read
No police for monk
$30,600 splurged on wine
Paul on coffee label
Threat to Nepal peace
As yesterday’s violence in the Terai region threatened to derail the fragile peace process..  | Read.. 
French cartoons editor acquitted
A French court today ruled in favour of a satirical weekly that had printed cartoons of the Prophet..  | Read..