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Chirac enters the last lap, unmourned
French President Jacques Chirac is expected to announce his retirement from frontline politics, ending a 45-year career that was strong on symbolic gestures but short on concrete reforms. ...  | Read.. 
Brake on Top Gear' Clarkson fuels buzz
Jeremy Clarkson, the presenter of the BBCís Top Gear, on Friday sparked speculation about the future of the popular motoring programme. ...  | Read.. 
Iraq knocks on Americaís door
Assadís desperate flight from Iraq began on foot. ...  | Read.. 
500 mobiles in nine years
A Chinese student has proven to be a dream customer for cellphone manufacturers as he has changed his mobile phone 500 times in nine years. ...  | Read.. 
Pak judge asks for open trial
Sacked Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry today asked for an open trial by the supreme judicial council to adjudicate the allegations of misconduct and misu ...  | Read.. 
Chirac at a news conference after the conclusion of an EU session in Brussels, earlier this week. (AFP)
Chirac enters the last lap, unmourned
French farce
Dog saved
Now, a dating coach for Web
Not getting any online dates' Maybe itís time for an online makeover...  | Read.. 
Double bedroom bug bites couples
Not since the Victorian age of starched sheets and starchy manners, builders and architects say..  | Read..