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Chamber of secrets
It’s often been said that there is no engineer quite like Mother Nature. A living organism — with all its parts that fit in so smoothly — is after all an engineering marvel. But this near-perfect “manufacturing” skill of Nature has often fanned the debate on whether life was created, ...  | Read.. 
Poison simulator
Come September and biologist Debapratim Kar Chowdhuri and his colleagues at Lucknow’s Industrial Toxicological Research Centre (ITRC) will expose ...  | Read.. 
BITS & BYTES: Flayed wires or spyware'
q+a I get frequently disconnected from the Internet. I have been using Reliance Net Connect for three years with good speed. But recently, after ...  | Read.. 
Chamber of secrets
Lab Report
Garlic delight
Meet Mr Controversy
It is not difficult to guess that Rusi Taleyarkhan, professor at Purdue University in the US, is now going through the most difficult and the most ex ...  | Read.. 
Physical activity is the key
I am a 14-year-old student suffering from sleeplessness. I fail to get up early and feel tired all day. I study late into the night, usually till around 1 ’clock. I have also developed a pain in my neck and ...  | Read.. 
Hands upon the wheel
Cars are not the most dangerous things on the road, drivers are, says a group of scientists. They believe that there are so many idiots behind the wheel that we would all be safer if cars were driven by robots. ...  | Read.. 
Why Corner
Why do we fidget when nervous'