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Dravid will ask boys not to go overboard
- Last two ODIs
- No point inviting match referee hurstís attention

Calcutta: Team India captain Rahul Dravid has accepted a suggestion from a well-wisher that the 15 World Cup-bound players be advised not to go overboard and risk inviting Match Referee Alan Hurstís attention in the last two ODIs against Sri Lanka.

While Margao hosts the first on Wednesday, Vizag will stage the second (Indiaís last ODI before the World Cup) on Saturday. All 15 heading for the West Indies have been selected for both matches.

According to a source of The Telegraph, the suggestion was made as the Sreesanths are exuberant with a capital E and have the tendency of getting carried away. Not too long ago, Sourav Ganguly would get into trouble.

Kochiís favourite son, in fact, was docked 30 per cent of his match fee by Roshan Mahanama soon after bowling India to a memorable Test win at the Wanderers two months ago. He was pulled up for two Code of Conduct violations.

For different reasons, the other day, Pakistanís Shahid Afridi got banned for four ODIs and is going to miss his countryís first two World Cup matches (versus hosts West Indies and Ireland).

The punishment, again in South Africa, was handed out by Chris Broad.

Clearly, no team would like a Match Referee to book any World Cup-bound player, for he will then also be on the dreaded watch-list and thatís best avoided.

ďItís a welcome suggestion and Iím going to talk to the players... I agree they need to be reminded that the World Cup is just weeks away and must not breach the Code... We wouldnít like our preparations to be affected,Ē Dravid is understood to have told the well-wisher.

Dravid, one learns, could Ďbriefí his players at Tuesday nightís team meeting. Sreesanth hasnít been named in the XII for the Margao ODI.

Had the Board appointed a professional manager, the onus would have been on him to caution the players. Itís better, after all, being safe than sorry.

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