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Brave brother stabbed

Calcutta, Jan. 27: Twenty-year-old Shital Chowhan was stabbed to death with a broken bottle yesterday afternoon on a narrow Ekbalpore lane for standing up to a local youth who was harassing his sister.

Neighbours rushed Shital, a taxi driver, to the CMRI hospital where doctors declared him dead.

The alleged assailant, 28-year-old Sanjib Das, fled the scene but was tracked down and arrested a few hours later from the same locality.

Police said Sanjib, who lived near the Chowhans in Braun Field Row, regularly made lewd remarks at Shital’s sister Moonmoon.

“Around 4 pm on Friday, a drunken Sanjib again passed some vulgar comments as he passed Moonmoon on the lane and pushed her in front of Shital. At this, Shital got agitated and asked Sanjib to leave the place,” said Rajeev Mishra, deputy commissioner of police, port division.

Sanjib returned after five minutes with a broken bottle and plunged the sharp end into the left side of Shital’s chest, an officer at Ekbalpore police station said.

Shital was bathing at a roadside tap when it all started.

“Moonmoon and her other brother, Suraj, were walking along the lane. Sanjib, who was returning home from a local country liquor den, was coming from the opposite direction,” the officer at Ekbalpore police station said.

“As they crossed, Sanjib said something and pushed Moonmoon with his shoulder and Shital, bathing a few metres away, saw it. Suraj got furious and protested. Shital, too, began shouting at Sanjib. At this, Sanjib began raining blows on Suraj with his fist.”

As Suraj collapsed on the road and Moonmoon cried out for help, Shital ran to their help. He stopped Sanjib and told him to leave immediately.

But Sanjib allegedly threatened he would be back in five minutes to teach Shital a lesson. Shital shrugged and returned to the tap to resume bathing.

After stabbing Shital, Sanjib ran away leaving the blood-spattered weapon behind. Moonmoon’s screams brought neighbours rushing to the scene.

The neighbours told the police that Sanjib seemed obsessed with Moonmoon. “The residents of the lane had recently held two meetings and warned him not to misbehave with her. Her two brothers, too, had warned him,” Mishra said.

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