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A historic shift
At 57, India is a middle-aged republic, a nuclear-weapons state and a country, which — say market forecasters — could even outpace the American economy by 2050. Today’s India is a far cry from the one which gave itself an enlightened Constitution in...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
The big hit
Sir — The attempted assault on Greg Chappell by Biranchi Moharana, a Kalinga Sena activist, should ...  | Read.. 
There is a distinction, not often recognized, between a poor nation and a nation of poor people. The distinction is not otios...| Read.. 
Cows and children’s well-being have always obsessively concerned the Bharatiya Janata Party government in Madhya Pradesh. Whi...| Read.. 
Going Round in Circles
In 2005, the United Liberation Front of Asom issued a manifesto. It made clear statements on the economy but the political is...  | Read.. 
But I did not remove my glasses, for I had not asked for her company in the first place, and there is a limit to what one can listen to with the naked eye. — MURIEL SPARK
Art in bricks and mortar
Art deco arrived in Bombay in the Thirties, around the same time it did in Calcu...  | Read.. 
Think of a poem
A poem for cry: Favourite poems of famous Indians, Penguin, Rs 350...  | Read.. 
Folklore, history and the kingdom of happiness
Treasures of the Thunder Dragon: A Portrait of Bhutan By Ashi Dorji Wang...  | Read.. 
The aural impression
There is a persistent and widespread demand now for audio books but no Indi...  | Read.. 

Faith on film