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The lure of the screen can indeed stretch far. There are thousands of acting hopefuls trying their luck day in and day out in the City of Dreams. For some, the gamble pays off, for others it just doesn’t. It may sound surprising, but there are m...  | Read.. 
Shooting from the hip
In spite of playing a small role in Monsoon Wedding, Randeep Hooda’s talent and presence caught the eye of many — ...  | Read.. 
‘My versatility would have become known by this number’
Madhushree’s sexy item number in Guru, picturised on Malika Sherawat has been deleted totally from the film. So i ...  | Read.. 
‘My first smooch got her Bigg Boss...
The Meet Brothers — Manmeet and Harmeet — are back again, this time, along with Mika in their forthcoming album, Out of ...  | Read.. 
‘A bit too much’
Ekta Kapoor (television producer): What’s happening to Shilpa is terrible. It’s amazing how she has maintain ...  | Read.. 
Maid for each other!
The director duo of Tathagata Banerjee and Anindya Ghosh had been lying low for some time, finding the television scenario a ...  | Read.. 
‘I’d love to date an older woman’
Sammir Dattani, who turns 25 in January, is growing up fast. “This industry forces you to. While I was part of my family ...  | Read.. 
Ekta Kapoor was playing chief guest at a college fest. And there our soap queen got very worked up about her looks. Wh ...  | Read.. 
It’s a well timed release for Saare Jahan Se Achch ...  | Read.. 
Kano Banchito Habo Bratati Bhattacharya Gathani; CD Rs 45 ...  | Read.. 
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