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Rants & Raves

Myth buster

The article Cheap drug miracle (January 15) was welcomed by all. Such reports shatter the myth that only expensive drugs can bring relief. The fact that a physician of Indian origin is responsible for making these cheap medicines for the poor makes the effort all the more commendable. It’s indeed good news for third world countries, which have so far been the marketing zone of multinational pharma companies.

T.R. Anand

Gloomy future

ur final century' (January 15) gave us goosebumps. The very idea that creatures witnessing the sun’s demise six billion years hence won’t be human — that they’ll be as different from us as we are from bacteria — is scary. We have tampered enough with Nature for our own selfish needs. It is sad to know that the solar system will no longer be the same in the years to come. Perhaps it’s payback time for us.

Sonali Barua

Health and wealth

Your Health pages have often to do with the ailments of the rich. For example, obesity, which has been done to death. Please give us more articles on healthcare issues plaguing the commoner. In this regard, some of Dr Gita Mathai’s articles such as those on mouth sores, fevers, foot problems, andropause and the like are welcome.

Nilamani Sarkar

Mind matters

Last week’s article The hook of memory (January 15) was interesting. That the mind works better if we have the things to do worked out in a pattern, is a time tested method. Visual stimulation and regular reviewing are fine, but the article missed out on other valuable points like yogasanas. After all, practice and perseverance also count to a great extent.

Rahul Kumar

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