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Of men and mice
Human-animal hybrids' This might sound like research gone freaky in some sci-fi movie, but scientists in the United Kingdom are making a strong case to create just these — chimeras that have human DNA placed inside animal embryos. But why on earth should they want to cross the thin line so far held ...  | Read.. 
If you thought reconstructing a superior quality, three-dimensional model of a rigid object from a set of ordinary snaps was next to impossible, think ...  | Read.. 
Of men and mice
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Tomoaki Kurita presides over racks of cellphones lined up outside his shop on a busy sidewalk in Harajuku, Tokyo’s catwalk of youth street culture where people attracted by the riot of phone options can stop to flip open and fondle the latest mo ...  | Read.. 
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weighing the world Edwin Danson OUP; $ 29.95...  | Read.. 
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