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Musharraf seeks another term
Islamabad, Jan. 18 (PTI) President Pervez Musharraf appears set for a second five-year term as President after the Pakistan cabinet decided to seek his re-election by the national and provincial assemblies before they are dissolved in November. ...  | Read.. 
Molly custody
A custody row over a British schoolgirl who wanted to stay in Pakistan ended today after her mother agreed to drop her claim. Molly Campbell sparked legal battles after she l ...  | Read.. 
Nicotine levels rising: Study
The amount of nicotine that smokers typically inhale per cigarette rose by 11 per cent from 1998 to 2005, perpetuating a “tobacco pandemic” that makes it harder for ...  | Read.. 
Buchwald dead
Pulitzer Prize-winning satirist Art Buchwald, who entered a hospital last year to die but survived to write a humourous, yet sobering, book about facing death, has died at ag ...  | Read.. 
US actress Haylie Duff at a party hosted by Donald Trump in Hollywood on Wednesday. (AP)
W. Asia talks
Suu Kyi
Bangla detain
Black cool, so are blue, green
Black was cool on Monday, but yesterday Giorgio Armani went for midnight blue, dark green and rich ..  | Read.. 
Indians die in Dubai highrise fire
At least four workers were killed and 60 others, half of them Indians, were injured when a fire bro..  | Read..