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Kiss of death
“Terror is, for the most part, useless cruelties committed by frightened people to reassure themselves.’’ ...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Blood rites
Sir — The Centre and the Assam government should spare no effort in tracking down members of the Un ...  | Read.. 
All negotiations begin as hard bargains. But compromises and conciliations alone can make them successful. If the Naga peace ...| Read.. 
A war of wills between father and son that ends in the death of the latter is rather unusual. But this is what seems to have ...| Read.. 
What’s In and What’s Out
Think twice before you challenge the Scrabblocracy, as I did two weeks ago. Though it’s my favourite word-game, I made mock o...  | Read.. 
Darkness visible and beckoning
There is a message for India in the comment of the French defence minister, Michele Alliot-Marie, that the flip side to China’s highly successful economic engagement with Afri...  | Read.. 
A difference difficult to maintain
The Supreme Court has recently distinguished between legitimate demands for “domestic expenses” from married women by their in-laws, and the extortion of dowry warranting crim...  | Read.. 
A certain person may have, as you say, a wonderful presence: I do not know. What I do know is that he has a perfectly delightful absence. — IDRIES SHAH